2024-Halfway Through: A Personal Poem

Antara Flow Unleashed
2 min readJun 18, 2024
Photo by Grooveland Designs on Unsplash

Looking forward towards the horizon, so much has already changed
There’s more year to go, despite the losses so far, I believe there’s still much to gain

Holding my head up as if walking on stage to perform
Stepping more into the deepest truest version of me is the norm

With reverent love, joy, and acceptance of who I’ve grown to be
I recognize the endless exhilarating idea that I’ll never arrive so I embrace this moment’s me

Propping myself up on the booster seat of self knowing
To see what the rest of 2024's horizon is showing


It seems the clouds are starting to pull back, the sun starts shining through
Planted seeds are starting to sprout where once nothing grew

Clarity of direction is the fertile soil in which I’m cultivating a dream
Serving those who need what I offer, we become an unstoppable team

This is what I see for the rest of 2024, invitations to speak and inspire, coach and guide, to help people heal the way they require

I’m seen, heard, no longer the best kept secret in the dark
I’m impacting lives, creating ripples and waves helping you make your mark

The rest of 2024 is only the beginning of the life I’ve wanted to create
Thank you for reading and helping me celebrate

What’s the rest of your 2024 forecast?



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