Everyone in your life is here for you : A Poem

Antara Flow Unleashed
1 min readJun 19, 2024
Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

Everyone in your life is here for you
If you choose to see that as the truth
Some are here to challenge your thoughts
Causing you to reflect on your beliefs and what not
Some are here to help you heal
By being frank and keeping it real
Some are here to hurt you to the core
Giving you the strength you need to rise once more
Nothing anyone does or says is actually about you
However, circumstances can cause a shift in what you do
The most important thing to keep in mind
Everyone in your life is right on time
It will be up to you to choose what any of it means
What insights and knowledge from it all you’ll glean
Embrace each moment as the gift it is
Now is all we have, let us not dismiss
What a marvel life can be
The lessons that evolve you and me

I hope you enjoyed the poem. It’s funny, I had this in my drafts and was inspired by Garima Sharma’s poem that I read yesterday to finish mine. Check that poem out, it’s fantastic! Share Vulnerability: A Poem



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