How to Make Affirmations you don’t believe, Work for you

Antara Flow Unleashed
4 min readFeb 9, 2024

This isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally fine

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I am powerful

I am wealthy

I’m attracting (fill in the blank)

I previously wrote, “How to Write an Effective Affirmation” which focused was crafting it so you could more easily bypass the subconscious gate guard.

The more I study about how the brain and mind work, the more curious I am about how powerful our minds are. The further study led me to revisit the whole affirmation challenge.

That said, I imagine that the affirmations listed above can create a disconnect if on some level you don’t believe them, right? Knowing something on a conscious level does not mean that the message has been translated by the subconscious mind. You know, the one driving the ship…If it’s in disagreement, it’s hard to mutter those words with conviction.

So how do we sneak past subconscious mind guard? It’s so simple you’ll think I’ve lost it…all you have to do is Know, Trust, Be Consistent, & Be Patient.

There you have it, end of article. Now go be great….wait, what? You think I’ve lost it, don’t you? Ok, let me explain what I mean.

To be clear, it’s not lost on me that there are many reasons people use, recite, or say…



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