The Bow & Arrow Affect to Healing— A Poem

Antara Flow Unleashed
2 min readJan 22, 2024
Photo by Abby Tait on Unsplash

You’ve been here before
Is it DeJa'Vu? Puzzled, you walked through the door
Hit with a pain you vowed never again to feel
Something triggered this response you thought you healed
Frustrated, hurt, disappointment running through your veins
This is absurd, you’re feeling insane

A voice then whispers to remind you of what’s true
This is just a layer of healing you had not yet gone through
You may feel like you’re going backwards as you process this all
When in fact you’re been propelled forward when you answer the call
For allowing the deeper stuff to come up and be let go
It’s the only path that can cultivate wisdom and growth

Choose to find the lesson you are being guided to
It will one day be a gift to someone else from you
Fall back to travel faster, you won’t regret
Embracing the bow and arrow affect
For a new version of you will be on the other side
Will you be a low or rising tide; you get to decide.



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