Losing Your Fur Baby — A Poem

Antara Flow Unleashed
4 min readDec 31, 2023

The pain no one warns about and how I’m working through it…

The author is her late fur baby, ladybug, a dachshund

I wanted to be held close and told things are okay
Yet left alone in my grief and dismay

Condolences, sympathy, words of care
Fell on deaf ears, a torn heart, a blank stare

I sat replaying what I could have done
and all I wanted to do was take off and run

Anywhere the torture of grief and guilt
could be buried and slowly wilt

away with each moment, …I survive
yet half wishing I was no longer alive

My life’s meaning I started to question
slipping slowly into a deep depression

I don’t want this, it hurts so bad
I’ve never felt such a deep deep feeling of sad

No one warns how deep love can cause
Such pain when there’s loss of your furry paws 🐾

The loss of a pet (fur baby) who you’re fully responsible for
feels like a slam of rejection’s door

Consciously you know that’s not at all true
but to the grieving heart, the conscious thought doesn’t get through



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