When the fog clears — A Poem

Antara Flow Unleashed
3 min readDec 27, 2023

How to survive releasing what no longer serves you

Photo by Zach Camp on Unsplash

2004…wow…why do I still have this receipt? Decluttering was emotional for me. Receipts, notes saved for when I (fill in the blank), paperwork, old drawings, and more. I’ve held onto so much.

I’ve not done any research, yet, on the correlation between trauma and clutter however, I do believe there is a direct connection. I spent 20+ years in an Abusive Relationship and as I began to heal myself, the fog started to life and the clutter became more visible and less bearable.

As I reflect further on the fog clearing, 5 things stood out to me that I wish I knew ahead of time.

  1. Recognizing how far you’ve come may not happen right away. You’re still in the thick of things, you’re still healing. There may still be some resentment towards the past version of you. Which leads me to point number 2.
  2. The past version of you was doing what you could to survive. You only know what you know when you know it. Beating yourself up for decisions made or being victimized works against the healing work you’re doing. That’s like being mad at a child for not knowing how to drive. They aren’t ready……



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